Expedition On Earth is the website of Josephin Ritschel. I’m an illustrator, living and working in the countryside in the north of germany. I’m specialized in architecture and interior illustration.

Josephin Ritschel

“Berlin-based illustrator Josephin Ritschel makes books, prints and illustration that varies in subject from alternative forms of education, to Twin Peaks dedications and airport entertainment but maintains the impression of being in the same bustling, forested, Modernist landscape. The characters in Josephin’s drawings are reminiscent of the work of 1960s collective The Hairy Who, and the landscapes packed with fading sunsets, jagged cliffs and stylised suburbia.” It’s Nice That, 2016

“Her drawings are comforting like your favourite reoccurring dream, and feature the kind of modernist homes found in dense Scandinavian forests that you can imagine Grace Kelly hanging out in while sipping margaritas.” It’s Nice That, 2014

“Her strong interest in architecture is manifested through pencil drawings in which houses are featured in often bizarre and surreal scenes” Socks

Prints and Drawings are available in my Shop
More Original Drawings at THE CURATORS
Also you can buy Digital Versions at Society6


2019 Group Exhibition, Torino
2019 Group Exhibition, Cologne
2019 Group Exhibition, Michigan
2018 Solo Exhibition, Lissabon
2018 Group Exhibition, Gerswalde
2018 Solo Exhibition, Taipei
2017 »Et Tu, Art Brute« G Exhibition, NY
2017 »Toujours la même histoire« Le Havre
2017 »1 Page« G Exhibition, Seoul
2016 »Total Sellout« Neurotitan, Berlin
2016 »1+( )Global Network« I Fair, Seoul
2016 »Voookhyang« S Exhibition, Seoul
2015 »Tarn« G Exhibition, Berlin
2015 »Cool Story« G Exhibition, Leipzig
2014 »Canicola Germania« G E, Bologna
2014 »Cerchi, Linee, Sofà« +Anne Vagt, B
2014 »Oasis« Comic Festival, S E, Hamburg
2014 »ATB Collective« G Exhibition, Berlin
2014 »St. Patrick’s Zine Library« G E, Cologne
2014 »In Print« G Exhibition, Detroit, USA
2013 »Tabook« G Exhibition, Tabor, CZ
2013 »Strapazin« G Exhibition, Hamburg
2012 »Comic side of Art« G E, Den Haag
2011 »Total Sellout« G Exhibtion , Berlin
2011 »Buhu Show« +Jeong Hwa Min, Berlin
2010 »Jag förstår inte« G E, Stockholm


2017 »Toujours la même histoire« published by Éditions Non Standard
2016 »Surrounding Coziness«
2016 »Endless Negative Space«
2014 »Solitudine« published by Canicola
2014 “Vultures” published by Canicola in Canicola Germania
2014 »Qualm 1 – Tisch Zwei, Im November« together with Paulin Ritschel
2014 »Grandma Moses is Doses« published by Re:Surgo
2013 »Oasis 1 – Last Grain«
2012 »Solitude«
2011 »The X-Files- Slime and Bugs«


Wrap – Nobrow – Cicero – Chois Gallery Magazine – University of Arts Berlin – New! Agency – Resurgence Ecologist Magazine – Strapazin – The Prime Russian Magazine – Thames and Hudson – Tiny Pencil – Chronicle Books- Re:Surgo – Rock En Seine Festival – Architectural Digest – Medium – Nyctalope – Missy Magazine – BNN Books – Canicola – Crossing Border Festival – Wallpaper Magazine – Architectural Review – Zeit – Geothe Institut – L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui – Revue Relief – Vice – The New York Times – Hermès


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